Reseller service

Resellers: In this category you will find several articles about reselling our services, but also answers to questions already asked by our users and answered by our specialists. If you are looking for a document, tutorial or other additional information about reselling our services, you have come to the right place. Do not hesitate to leave us your question in the comments of the reseller service and we will be happy to respond quickly.

  1. Translate sales invoices for your customers

    Since the launch of our anonymous Voip platform for the sale of voip services, dedicated to voip operators, who do not wish to invest in expensive infrastructures and technical teams, thousands of you subscribe to the service and trust us, thank you.

    We offer this small article to help you translate the template of the invoices that you send to your customers from the system. When you are a Hivoox reseller, and you use our anonymous voip platform to manage your customers, you may be faced with the need to do invoices in your customers' language. By default, our templates are in English, but from your "Administrator Interface", you can translate the texts of the invoice template in order to have them in the language of your choice.

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  2. If I am a reseller, can I have the customized PBS interface?

    By default, we provide you with an administrator interface and an interface for your customers with an anonymous domain. However, you can interface with your domain.

    You can get the PBS interface in your web domain. The installation of the domain + SSL certificate, will cost 500 euros for 2 years. However, keep in mind that PBS colors can not be changed. Only the domain name and any information about Hivoox can be changed.

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  3. If I am a reseller, how are invoices sent to my clients?

    If you are a reseller, all invoices for the services contracted by your clients will be issued to your company and you will invoice your clients. If you are a distributor of Hivoox, invoices are issued directly to your customers. They can pay it directly from the pbs interface or from your agency.

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  4. If I am a reseller, can I create PBS accounts for clients?

    Yes, through your PBS portal, you can create accounts for your clients and provide them with the service without our intervention, in just a few minutes. Therefore, your customers can have an active service as soon as you have created the account.

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  5. Can I recharge my clients account if I become your voip reseller?

    From the PBS interface, you can recharge your customers or manage their virtual switchboard. You can access your clients' account and make the necessary configurations. Keep in mind that, to recharge a customer, you must have credit in your account. You can use your credits to recharge customers, pay for other services at Hivoox, or make phone calls.

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  6. Resell the services of Hivoox to clients with my rates

    You can buy our services and resell it to your customers without problems or become an official distributor and appear in the list of distributors.


    If you are a reseller, you will enjoy discounted rates for the services you are interested in reselling. You buy the products and you can sell them with your brand. You must make a minimum deposit of 500 Euros, to benefit from the reductions. You can use your balance according to your needs.


    To distribute our services, you simply must provide us:

    -Copy of the mercantile registry or any document that justifies your professional activity.
    -Copy your ID or passport.
    -Proof of address.

    You appear on the list of our authorized distributors

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