Payment methods

You can pay invoices and services with a credit card through PayPal, Skrill Moneybookers, bank transfer or use the PBS electronic wallet. In the case of a payment through PayPal, you can make the payment without having a PayPal account. Click on the create an account button and PayPal will ask you to complete the payment form. Your account will only be confirmed if you click on the email that paypal sent to you after your purchase.

Since these payment methods are the only ones we offer, it is preferable that you have a PayPal account for the following payments. Paying by bank transfer is a good option, however, international bank transfer fees may have a high cost depending on your country of residence. You can also use our PBS electronic wallet, which allows you to top-up your account and use the balance to pay our invoices, make purchases on our website or pay third-party invoices.

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