Use a business address service for my account Instagram Shopping and Paypal

Your question:

I live in a country where there is no Paypal or Instagram Shopping service, and I want to buy a business address (virtual office) service to activate these accounts.

Our answer:

With our business address (virtual office) service, you can have a real address that you can use to create your Paypal or Instagram Shopping account. We will receive all the correspondence in your name, and we will send it to you by postal mail or by email. However, we do not provide proof of address.

In the case of Paypal, they will ask for a proof of this address (any utility bill) which we cannot provide.

We do not advise you to use the business address (virtual office) service for the creation of a Paypal account, because, anyway, Paypal will complicate your life. Paypal will detect your IP address and will know that you live in a country where there is no Paypal, or that you access the account from another country other than the account and will block the account.

You can use a VPN to trick Paypal for a while, but you will inevitably be blocked.

We recommend that you contact the corresponding services before purchase our business address (virtual office) service.

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