Become a Hivoox reseller

You can buy our services and resell it to your customers without problems or become an official distributor and appear in the list of distributors.


If you are a reseller, you will enjoy discounted rates for the services you are interested in reselling. You buy the products and you can sell them with your brand. You must make a minimum deposit of 500 Euros, to benefit from the reductions. You can use your balance according to your needs.


To distribute our services, you simply must provide us:

-Copy of the mercantile registry or any document that justifies your professional activity.
-Copy your ID or passport.
-Proof of address.

You appear on the list of our authorized distributors and receive our promotional materials. You benefit from a commission for sale made and the consumption of your customers. You also receive a commission when a Hivoox user residing in your country pays his bills through your company.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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