A voip number from France

You can use our French numbers service to receive calls in the japanese number, based in Japan. This number allows you to receive 2 calls at a time and allows you to make as many calls as necessary. To receive more than 2 calls at a time, you can add 1 additional channel that will cost 25 euros / month. You can also choose to pay per call received 0.015 € / min.

Previous requirements:

Copy of company formation
Copy of the identity document or passport of the manager.
An address in France: Street, number, city, postal code)

NB: If you do not have an address in France, you can hire it on our website or contact us.

How are calls received?

1- Your mobile phone by installing an application such as zoiper or media5fone.
2- Your computer installing a softphone such as zoiper or x-lite.
3- Forwarding calls to your current phone number (have additionnal cost)
4- Receive calls on your ip phone or pabx ip.

Key points:

Delivery time: 2/24 hours.
You can receive 2 calls at the same time and make calls.
Music for calls on hold.
Configuration and management of calls according to schedules.
Advanced and customizable voicemail.
Call register.
Caller ID
Interface to manage your telephone line ...

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