I receive calls from numbers that I do not know and when I answer they ask for a person I do not know

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For some time, I have been receiving many phone calls of numbers that I do not know and when I answer they ask for a person I do not know, or they hang up the call.

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If you receive phone calls from several national or international numbers and when you pick up the phone the speaker hangs up or asks for someone you do not know, you may be facing an attempted fraud by a scammer or an unscrupulous call center.


1. Intruders can easily attack SIP terminals to annoy you or use your line to make fraudulent calls. That kind of piracy is very common nowadays. If you receive this type of call, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you understand and solve the problem.

2. Thieves call you with foreign or national numbers and as soon as you answer, they hang up or start the conversation and quickly cut the call. In this case, many people return the call, but in this case, they will be calling a paid premium number that will pay money to the scammer.

3. VoIP technology has advantages, but also disadvantages that people or unscrupulous companies use to earn money. Making repeated calls to the same number to offer services or products to people who have not allowed it is a practice that can generate complaints against the owner of the telephone line used for these calls.

In this context, several call centers end with hundreds of complaints due to this practice. To avoid repeated complaints, some unscrupulous call centers choose to identify outgoing calls with randomly chosen numbers when making telemarketing campaigns. If your number is on that list of random numbers, you will receive hundreds of calls from call center customers.

In this case, the best solution is to wait a few days and these calls will stop, since the call center will change the caller ID and put another number.

If you are facing one of these scenarios, do not hesitate to contact us so we can quickly find a solution to the problem.

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