Tutorial Grandstream HT Adapters

Use this tutorial to configure the Grandstream brand adapters (HT series), to make and receive calls with the voivo services of Hivoox.

Follow the following steps for configuration:

Connect your adapter to electricity and to the router.
Connect your analog telephone to the adapter (you will find instructions in the adapter manual).

From the telephone connected to the adapter, dial 3 times asterisk ***.
You will hear a message,

Then dial 02 and listen to the IP address of the adapter.
Enter the IP address in the browser as if it were a web page, but without the www.

The configuration page will open and ask you to enter the username and password.
Enter Username: admin Password: admin

Once on the adapter configuration page, go to ACCOUNT and choose ACCOUNT 1

Account Type: YES
SIP SERVER: sip.hivoox.com
SIP USER ID: 8780XXXXXX (insert your SIP user provided by Hivoox).
AUTHENTICATE ID: 8780XXXXXX (insert your sip user provided by Hivoox).
AUTHENTICATE: Your sip password provided by Hivoox
NAME: The name of your choice

Then click on SAVE / APPLY.

Now you must configure the audio codecs.
Click on Audio Codec on your left and select the following codes in order.


Now go to "status" and check if the status is "Registered"

If the status is "Registered", your adapter works.
To verify that everything is working properly, dial *98, you will hear the voicemail.

If that does not work, verify that you have correctly entered your account information received by email.

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