Tutorial for Grandstream ip phone

This tutorial will help you set up your Grandstream brand IP phone in minutes. Contact us if you have difficulty doing it.

To configure your Grandstream terminal, follow these instructions:

1- Enter the phone's menu, Network Status to see the IP address.
2- Enter the ip address in the browser.
3- The following portal will ask for username and password.
4- Username: admin Password: admin

5- Once in the portal of your account, go to ACCOUNT and choose ACCOUNT 1

Account Type: YES
SIP SERVER: sip.hivoox.com
SIP USER ID: 8780XXXXXX (your SIP user provided by Hivoox).
AUTHENTICATE ID: 8780XXXXXX (your SIP user provided by Hivoox).
AUTHENTICATE: Your sip password provided by Hivoox.
NAME: The name of your choice

Then click on SAVE / APPLY.

Now you must configure the AUDIO CODEC.

Click on Audio Codec on your left and select the following codes in order.


Your phone is configured and functional.

To verify that everything is working properly, dial *98, you will hear your voicemail.

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