Voip Reseller Program

Conditions for reselling voip service

Whether you are a reseller, a voip integrator, a store selling IP phones or any other activity in the IT and telecommunications, you can become a Hivoox reseller and offer our offers to your customers. We provide you with a VOIP telephony platform, allowing you to manage our offers and apply the prices and modifications of your choice. You can thus provide your customers with all our services in total anonymity.

In our system, you buy our services and you sell them to your customers in white label and with your prices. Offer your customers a quality service, guaranteeing the display of the number in each incoming and outgoing call.

By becoming a reseller, you will benefit from reduced rates for telephone numbers and call minutes. We will provide tutorials to help you with the configuration but can also do all the configuration necessary for the resale of our offers.

How it works?

After activating your platform, you can configure the price of the offers and start billing your customers. The platform will allow you to create accounts, configure them, close them, block, suspend, configure call recording, the virtual switchboard, activate phone numbers, limit or increase the channels of output or enter, etc. Your customers will be able to take advantage of all the features of our customer interface.

  • Platform access URL

    Our platform dedicated to resellers, is accessible via an anonymous URL, and makes no reference to Hivoox.

  • Service to resell

    You can resell all voip services (did, pbx, call plans) available on our site, to your customers with your brand.

  • Technical knowledge

    You don't need to have technical knowledge, as our white-label support team will help you and your customers

You can start selling our services quickly. To start, you simply need to fill out the form available on the following link, so that we can study and validate your request. We will reply to you within 24-48 hours.

Cost of This Service

The prices indicated here are in euros, but you can convert it to see the value in your currency.

Platform Activation Fee: 50 euros or equivalent in your currency.

Monthly subscription: 50 Euros or equivalent in your currency.

Mandatory initial recharge: 200 Euros or equivalent in your currency.

The account balance does not have an expiration date and you can use it to purchase services or products on our website. You can also use it for outgoing calls.

Price of numbers

After activation of your Hivoox reseller account, the price of telephony services will be immediately changed. You will see a reduction in the prices of Telephone numbers, virtual switchboard and call rates. These reductions can vary from 1 to 30% of the sale price.

Why choose Us?

You must choose to resell our services because we offer you the best prices and flexible offers, able to adapt to your customers. We are ready to create new services, if the services published on the site do not meet your current needs.

Because we have been present on the voip market for several years and have dealt with thousands of customers from various countries and know how to adapt to their needs and by remaining open to new ideas.

We have a technical team available to assist you in your customer support service anonymously. We will provide you with tutorials and documentation to facilitate the use of our services and transmit total confidence to your customers.

  • Voip services

    Quality and flexible services. We will adapt our services to the needs of your customers and assist you in setting up services.

  • Technical support

    You will benefit from our technical support by phone or ticket from Monday to Sunday. We will be there whenever you need us.

  • Our Prices

    Our prices reflect the quality of our services. However, they are flexible and can be adapted to suit your needs. Do not hesitate to discuss it with an agent.

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