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Telephone messages in Russian: greetings in Russian for switchboard (PBX), voiceover in Russian for video, Russian narrations, Russian voice acting and radio wedges.


Our service of production of telephone messages in Russian, is a service which allows you to obtain in a few hours, a message recoded in Russian by professionals in a recording studio in Russia. All our male or female voices in Russian are native and depending on your project, we will select for you the best native speaker possible.

Trust our team of Russia professionals to record your greetings in Russian for switchboard (PBX), voiceover in Russian for video, Russian narrations, Russian voice acting and radio wedges.

Since we are a voip service provider with thousands of users in Russia and around the world, we can help you to compose texts in Russian for your switchboard according to your needs, so that the message in Russian is the more suited to your activity.

If you have a Voip or conventional telephone switchboard (PBX), physical or virtual, you can have quality voice messages recoded for your telephone reception, directing customers to the appropriate services, placing on calls hold, advertising during the telephone waiting period or provide useful information to your customers to improve the image of your business.

Features of Russian telephone messages:

Telephone greeting in Russian.
Waiting message in Russian with or without music.
Messages of busy lines in Russian.
Russian messages to guide your correspondents.
Voicemail in Russian.
Welcome message in Russian.
Absence message in Russian.
Writing texts in Russian for telephone messages.
Russian voice over for videos.
Synchronization of the voiceover with the video.
Music of different royalty free style.
Russian radio wedges.
Russian narrations.
Russian voice acting.
Quick and reliable installation on your Hivoox switchboard.
Backup of your texts and recordings.
And many other messages in Russian for your switchboard.

Our services are offered at the prices indicated on the website, without any hidden cost and are delivered within 6 to 24 hours. For synchronization of the voiceover with a video the delivery can last 48 hours. After making the payment, you must send us the text in Russian, to produce the message via the contact button of the website.

Our service of telephone messages in Russian is professional, but simple and fast. However, some projects can be complex and require prior study. In this case, you can contact us by phone or send us your request via the contact button of the website.


We do not accept Russian message recoding for political parties, adult content, Russian messages related to pyramid schemes, bitcoin, forex, with xenophobic content or inciting violence. We reserve the right to reject the project we deem appropriate for any reason.

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    This service is very good. I will buy from you again.
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