Telework center for Freelance

Telework center for freelance

Our telework center allows individuals around the world to collaborate with our company as a freelancer. Whether you are employed or unemployed, available for 1 hour, 1 day or a month, you can sell services to us in various fields of activity.

We are constantly looking for new profiles capable of helping us to continue to offer quality services to our users. If you have skills in one of the fields published on our site, you can become one of the provider profiles of our company. You will provide us with the services requested, and we will pay you for the service according to your financial conditions and method of payment.

At Hivoox, your country of residence, your accent or your culture does not matter to us, we are interested in all profiles with real skills and available to provide us with quality services.

You can start earning money today by collaborating with our company. Set your schedules, prices and conditions, and join our network of several thousand teleworkers around the world.

How it works?

To sell your services to us, you must complete the collaboration request form, to offer us your services, prices, availability and conditions. If your profile is accepted, we will add you to our available profile list and contact you whenever we have a task corresponding to your profile.

We often have temporary tasks, punctual tasks, but also long-term tasks that can last several months. You must indicate in the form, your availability so that we can properly classify your profile. By providing us with quality service, you will be added to our list of priority profiles, to whom we will call in priority whenever we need your skills.

  • Your request

    You complete the request form indicating the services you can provide to us, to be added to our list of available profiles.

  • We accept

    We accept your profile and notify you by email. We suggest tasks to do according to your skills.

  • You perform tasks

    You perform the tasks, according to the conditions indicated in your request form, and we will pay you.

You can quickly sell us your services. To get started, simply fill out the form available on the following link, so that we can study and validate your request.

Special conditions

Selling your services via our telework center does not give you the status of an employee of our company. You are considered to be a freelancer, providing his services for a limited time, against an amount determined in advance. There will be no type of contract binding you to our business. We are free to remove you from our profile base and no longer call upon your services, if we believe that you no longer meet our needs, or that your services are of poor quality.

Completing our request form does not in any way mean that we will accept your profile or that we will buy services from you. Each request is studied, and we will only accept profiles that we think are capable of providing us with quality service. We reserve the right to give you a test to ensure that you can provide us with the services for which you are applying. We do not take care of bank charges, if your payment method generates charges.

We reserve the right to end the collaboration with you, if we believe that your service is of poor quality and that this could damage our image with our customers. In such a case, we will notify you by email of the end of the mission and pay only the amount corresponding to the work performed.

We demand from our freelancers an impeccable quality of service. If you do not feel capable of subscribing to this logic, it is useless to fill out our form.

Why choose Us?

We are located in 21 countries and make thousands of sales every day. Our clients are mainly companies and professionals who need the services and products that we offer in our catalog and come from all over the world.

Collaborating with us means offering your skills and experience to companies looking for profiles like yours for short or long-term tasks.

Through our channel, you can provide services to companies in countries that do not speak your language, as our translation center facilitates communication between service providers and our clients so that everyone receives messages in their language.

  • Customers

    With thousands of sales every day, we are constantly in need of new profiles and you can sell more services.

  • Languages

    Provide your services to customers around the world in your language. We take care of the translation if necessary.

  • Payment

    Receive your payments per day, per week, per month or determine the dates or amount of payment according to your needs and bank charges.

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